Top 5 Local Brands of Popular Handbags in Vietnam

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Top 5 Local Brands of Popular Handbags in Vietnam

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Top 5 Local Brands of Popular Handbags in Vietnam written by thesisluxury In the context of globalization and fierce competition from international brands, the Vietnamese handbag market is still witnessing a strong boom of domestic brands. The emergence of local brands not only demonstrates the strength and competitiveness of Vietnamese fashion, but also demonstrates the creativity and understanding of culture and tastes of domestic consumers.

Vietnamese handbag brands not only focus on designing beautiful products in line with international fashion trends, but also focus on using local, environmentally friendly materials. , while expressing the unique personality and style of Vietnamese people.

From handmade handbags to products produced on a large scale, each brand has its own stories and a certain place in the hearts of consumers.

Prominent among them are the top 5 local handbag brands that have been and are being loved in Vietnam, which we will introduce in this article.

Each brand not only brings customers quality products but is also a symbol of style, personality and pride for Vietnamese fashion. Join us to explore and learn about the names that are making waves in the Vietnamese handbag market.

1. Ananas

Ananas, a brand that has made a strong mark on the Vietnamese fashion market, is not only limited to the footwear field but also spreads its appeal through the handbag segment.

The combination of modern street style and sophistication and luxury has made Ananas’ brand in the hearts of consumers. With a focus on design, color, and materials, each handbag from Ananas is not only a fashion accessory but also a style statement.

Ananas constantly innovates and updates trends, from handbags with classic designs to modern, innovative designs.


They use high-quality leather, which has exceptional durability and softness, ensuring not only an impressive appearance but also comfort and convenience when used.

In addition, Ananas also focuses on applying advanced production technologies, helping to improve product quality and ensure sustainability during use.

Customers love Ananas not only because of the quality and design of their products but also because of the brand value they bring. Consumers realize Ananas not only sells a product, but also provides a personal and unique fashion experience.

The variety of designs and colors helps customers easily find a bag that suits their personal style.

2. Gosto

Gosto has quickly become a familiar name in the handbag-loving community in Vietnam, thanks to its unique and personal design.

This brand not only focuses on product quality but also focuses on creating creative handbag models that reflect modern fashion trends and meet the diverse needs of customers.

Gosto always seeks to innovate and break the limits of design, from the use of colors and patterns, to the selection and combination of different materials. Attention to every little detail, from zippers to seams, increases the value and uniqueness of each bag.

In addition, Gosto also attaches great importance to the use of sustainable raw materials, in line with environmentally friendly fashion trends.

Customers love Gosto also because of its flexibility and variety of designs, helping them find products suitable for every occasion and situation. From unique, outstanding handbags to simple, sophisticated handbags, Gosto can always meet the needs and preferences of customers.

The focus on customer experience and the ability to create handbag models to suit every style make Gosto’s undeniable appeal in the Vietnamese handbag market.

3. Sadec District

Sadéc District is not only a brand, but also a symbol of sophistication and the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

This brand is known for its handmade products, where each handbag is the result of meticulous, artistic and dedicated work.

Sadéc District focuses on preserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship, while combining it with modern design, creating unique and highly applicable products.

The beauty of Sadéc District handbags lies in their simplicity but no less sophistication. Using natural materials such as fabric, leather, bamboo,… each bag is not only environmentally friendly but also has a unique Asian beauty.

The blend of traditional colors, patterns and modern designs makes Sadéc District products stand out and easily recognizable.

Customers love Sadéc District not only because of the high quality and aesthetics of the products but also because of the cultural value that this brand brings.

People who buy Sadéc District bags feel the connection between past and present, between traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion trends.

This not only makes them feel proud of their national culture but also helps them express their unique personality and aesthetic taste.

4. Luala Milano

Luala Milano, a name that is no longer unfamiliar in the Vietnamese fashion world, especially in the field of high-end handbags. This brand has quickly won the hearts of those who love luxurious and noble style.

Luala Milano stands out with its sophisticated, classy designs, reflecting a sophisticated aesthetic and a deep understanding of international fashion. Luala Milano products are not only fashion accessories, but also symbols of luxury, elegance and style.

The special feature of Luala Milano lies in the use of high-quality materials, combined with modern production technology. From cowhide, crocodile leather to other high-quality fabrics, each material is carefully selected to ensure the quality and beauty of the product.

Besides, paying attention to every small detail in the design and production process increases the value of each bag, from smooth seams to meticulously crafted logos and bag buckles.

Luala Milano customers appreciate the perfect combination of design, materials and manufacturing quality


Those who own Luala Milano handbags can not only demonstrate high-end aesthetic taste, but also feel the investment and enthusiasm that the brand puts into each product.

5. Vascara

Vascara, one of the famous and popular handbag brands in Vietnam, has become a familiar name to those who love modern and youthful style. Vascara’s strength lies not only in its fashionable design, but also in its diversity of designs and affordable prices.

From elegant office handbags to dynamic crossbody bags, each Vascara product brings users convenience, comfort and style.

Vascara constantly updates the latest fashion trends, while maintaining the unique style they have built.

The use of diverse materials, from synthetic leather to canvas, not only helps create diversity in products but also demonstrates the brand’s concern for the environment and sustainability.

Each Vascara bag is not only a fashion accessory, but also a companion in all daily activities of Vietnamese women.

Customers especially love Vascara because of its reasonable price and stable quality. Vascara handbags are suitable for many audiences, from students to working people, thanks to the variety of designs and prices.

This not only helps the brand reach a large number of customers but also creates a loyal consumer community.


The handbag market in Vietnam, with the presence of prominent local brands such as Ananas, Gosto, Sadéc District, Luala Milano and Vascara, proves that the Vietnamese fashion industry is not only developing strongly.

But also possessing diversity and creativity that is not inferior to international brands.

The emergence of these brands not only gives consumers quality choices, but also shows confidence and affirms the Vietnamese cultural imprint in each product.

Each handbag brand has been writing its own story, not only through unique designs but also through the combination of tradition and modernity, between craft and technology.

They not only focus on creating fashion products but also contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly development, clearly reflecting modern consumption trends and cultural consciousness of the Vietnamese people. .

Consumers’ love and support for local handbag brands is not only based on quality and design, but also on the cultural values, individuality and sense of national pride that these brands have. This signal gives.

This is a testament to the maturity of the Vietnamese fashion industry, and is also a great source of encouragement for domestic designers and businesses, encouraging them to continue to create and develop.

With the diversity and richness of these brands, Vietnamese consumers now have more opportunities than ever to express their style and personality through domestic fashion products.

Choosing and supporting local handbag brands is not just a regular purchase, but also an expression of pride and support for the domestic fashion industry, contributing to creating a strong market. Vietnamese fashion is full of vitality and creativity.


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